Anchorage Water Softener Replacement

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Hard water is not uncommon in Alaska households. It is not a health hazard, but it can cause a lot of problems within your home. The longer hard water builds up within your plumbing, the more problems you will encounter.

Discount Mechanical Heating & Plumbing provides water softener replacement and installation in Anchorage, AK.

If you wake up shivering during the night, you may need to schedule expert heating maintenance with a member of our team.

Signs You Have Hard Water in the Anchorage Metro Area

Hard water is an overabundance of minerals like calcium and magnesium in your water supply. These minerals cause scale buildup, which shows up in many ways throughout your home. Here are some signs you have hard water:

  • Your shower head is badly clogged in some areas.
  • You have dry, itchy skin that feels tight.
  • Your pipes often clog due to scale buildup.
  • You have low water pressure throughout your home.
  • You notice hard water stains on your dishes.

A whole house water softener removes harsh minerals as water enters your home. Improved water quality will help your health both inside and out.

Benefits of Water Softener Installation in Southcentral Alaska

There are many benefits to whole home water softener replacement and installation. Replacing your outdated unit or installing a water softener for the first time will have a huge impact on your water quality. You will notice improvements in the following ways:

  • Sparkling clean dishes and flatware.
  • Healthier hair and skin.
  • More efficient appliances like your coffee pot and dishwasher.
  • Increased longevity of your plumbing system.

Without the added strain of mineral buildup, your plumbing system and appliances can operate as intended and will last years longer than they would with continued hard water damage.

When you notice standing water in your yard, you could have a big problem on your hands. Call us to schedule water line repair!

Water Softener Maintenance in Anchorage, AK

Water softener maintenance is best left to a professional, but there is basic care you can perform to avoid expensive water softener repair.

Water softeners use rock salt to run properly. Occasionally, you will need to replenish the depleted rock salt. Some units have an indicator light to help you determine when to add more salt.

Annual maintenance from a trusted professional will postpone the need for home water softener replacement.

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