Anchorage HVAC Zoning Systems

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For homeowners in Anchorage, AK, temperature control can be expensive. It’s a waste of money to heat an entire home if certain areas go mostly unused. HVAC zoning systems allow complete temperature customization throughout the home.

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The Benefits of HVAC Zoning in Anchorage, Alaska

No two family members prefer the same ideal temperature. Some prefer to sleep in cool, crisp air, and others enjoy enveloping warmth. An HVAC zoning system is the perfect way to keep everyone happy and comfortable.

For family members with compromised respiratory systems, HVAC zoning prevents airborne irritants from spreading throughout the home and worsening symptoms.

Areas with high ceilings are notoriously hard to heat. As your heater works to heat the area, smaller rooms of the house become stifling. With zoning, you can turn off heat in certain areas while maintaining the temperature in another.

Meanwhile, traditional HVAC systems provide one set temperature throughout the home. Not all areas of the home need the same amount of temperature control. A guest room that you only use a few times a year doesn’t need regular heat every day.

When you invest in zone heating and cooling, you can maintain the temperature of each area as needed. Heating only zones that are in use reduces your electric bill by about 30%.

Using Multi-Zone HVAC in the Anchorage Metro Area

Multi-zone temperature control doesn’t mean you have more than one HVAC system. It means you have one HVAC system that controls several different zones.

A simple thermostat adjustment maintains the temperature of each zone. HVAC zone dampers on each duct allow air to flow into the desired zone while preventing it from flowing into others. The multi-zone HVAC unit will operate until it reaches the set temperature and then automatically turn off.

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HVAC Zoning Systems in the Matanuska-Susitna Valley

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