Anchorage AC Refrigerant Leak Repair Services

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Has your air conditioner recently stopped blowing that cool, crisp, refreshing air to which you are accustomed? If so, it might have a leak in the refrigerant line. An AC refrigerant leak exhibits some subtle symptoms that eventually lead to unignorable discomfort in the summer months. As a veteran-owned company, we at Discount Mechanical Heating & Plumbing like to ensure that our community in the Anchorage, AK stays safe and comfortable. Thus, we make our refrigerant recharge and leak repair services readily available.

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What Is Air Conditioner Refrigerant?

An air conditioner refrigerant is a substance that removes heat from inside your home while your AC unit operates. It transforms from a liquid to a gas, depending on whether it absorbs or releases heat. You might better know refrigerant as Freon, a popular brand of refrigerant.

Depending on the leak’s severity and how much refrigerant escapes, you may not immediately notice any changes to your indoor atmosphere. As your unit loses more refrigerant, however, the signs become more apparent.

  • Your AC coils develop an icy coating.
  • The air conditioner doesn’t operate as efficiently as before.
  • Your electricity bills spike.
  • Your vents produce moist, lukewarm air rather than crisp, cool air.

If you suspect you need a Freon recharge, call our technicians for 24/7 service.

Why Does AC Refrigerant Leak?

Refrigerant may leak for a few reasons. We most often encounter corroded refrigerant lines or coils as the main culprit. This happens from regular wear and tear due to the corrosive nature of the substance traveling through the lines. Blocked condensate lines are another common reason behind refrigerant leaks.

What Does AC Refrigerant Leak Repair Entail in the Anchorage Metro Area?

Once our highly skilled technicians arrive at your home, they’ll determine the reason behind the leak. We usually replace any damaged components as they are often beyond repair. Then, we’ll top your unit off with some refrigerant replacement.

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Our HVAC company is family-owned and operated. Therefore, we want to help families in our community stay safe. If your AC unit has sprung a leak, keep your distance. Refrigerant has toxic effects on people and animals. Only professional technicians with appropriate personal protection equipment should handle it.

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