Anchorage Gas Log Fireplaces

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Nothing compares to the warm, cozy glow of a classic fireplace. But old-timey fireplaces come with excessive maintenance that doesn’t pair well with your busy routine. At Discount Mechanical Heating & Plumbing, we value the sense of community and closeness that fireplaces provide for families in Anchorage, AK. So we designed gas-log fireplace services to encourage that closeness from our family to yours!

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Can Gas Log Fireplaces Heat Your Home?

While gas log fireplaces cannot heat a large home, they do emit enough heat to keep a single room or a small home warm. You can use them as a secondary heat source should your primary source stop working. A gas log fireplace can keep your family comfortable until our emergency technicians arrive.

How Can You Benefit from a Gas Log Fireplace?

In addition to providing an invaluable secondary heat source, a gas log fireplace comes with numerous advantages. Does your current fireplace remain empty and unused throughout the year? Perhaps you use your old fireplace, but grow increasingly tired of the constant upkeep.

Gas log fireplace installation solves both problems. We can transform your unused fireplace into an appliance you’ll treasure for countless years. We can also decrease the workload associated with traditional fireplaces.

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Maintaining a Gas Log Fireplace in Anchorage, AK

Although gas fireplaces require less maintenance than traditional ones, they still need a little occasional upkeep. We provided a short guide below to assist you!

  • Gas fireplaces need cleaning each month, especially if you frequently use them.
  • Turn off the pilot light six hours before cleaning begins. The logs can cool off.
  • Gently take the logs out of the fireplace, placing them on top of an old towel or some newspapers.
  • Using a microfiber cloth, wipe the logs free from any soot or dust. Purchase a cleaning product specifically formulated for gas logs to do this.
  • Use a shop vacuum to remove any excess detritus from the empty fireplace.

In addition to your maintenance efforts, schedule yearly fireplace service with our technicians. They’ll perform maintenance tasks reserved for professionals. Your gas log fireplace should work satisfactorily for years to come!

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