Anchorage Evaporator Coil Services

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Evaporator coils that have fallen into disrepair are among the main reasons homeowners in Southcentral Alaska struggle to stay comfortable during humid summer months. If your air conditioner operates without producing the crisp, cool air you crave, you might need professionals to service your evaporator coil. At Discount Mechanical Heating & Plumbing, we offer evaporator coil service at competitive flat rates!

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What Are AC Evaporator Coils?

Evaporator coils are inside your outdoor unit. Refrigerant flows through them during your HVAC system’s operation, releasing heat before recirculating. Due to its location, an evaporator coil becomes coated in dirt, grime, and organic stuff.

These nasty don’t let the coils circulate much-needed refrigerant to areas that demand it. Evaporator coil services combat the issue, making your home cool, crisp, and inhabitable again.

How Can I Tell That My Evaporator Coils Need Service?

Can y’all rehash whether y’all had any kind of trouble with the things listed below?

  • The ground beneath your unit is perpetually damp or wet.
  • You’ve noticed glistening frost forming on your AC lines.
  • The air inside your home feels stuffy, thick, and humid.

Any one of these could indicate that your air conditioner is in dire need of evaporator coil repair.

Moisture or decaying organic matter, such as dried grass cuttings, rotting insect carcasses, and dirty, erodes the coil. Once your local HVAC technician gives the coil a good once-over, they’ll determine what to do next!

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Which Evaporator Coil Service Do I Need in the Mat-Su?

AC evaporator coil cleaning is the most common coil service we provide to our clients. As they inspect the coil, our technicians usually come across lots of dirt. Fortunately, we have the right products to safely and thoroughly clean the coil. Once cleaned, it works perfectly again.

Sometimes, we come across corroded or completely broken coils. Refrigerants can eventually wear away at the coil’s internal lining, causing a slow, steady leak. You’ll need an evaporator coil replacement and a refrigerant top-off in such scenarios.

Has a technician ever checked on your evaporator coils? If not, you might benefit from a quick checkup and coil cleaning service. Our family-owned and operated HVAC company values your family’s indoor comfort. Choose us for affordable service prices and access to excellent HVAC products and parts.

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