Anchorage Air Handler Services

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Air handlers are complex pieces of machinery that should work in tandem with your air conditioner. Sometimes, however, they fail to perform to standard which affects your entire HVAC system. At Discount Mechanical Heating & Plumbing in Anchorage, AK, our dedicated team of licensed and insured technicians use their skills and know-how to get your air handler up and running again.

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What Is An Air Handler?

If you study your AC unit, you might notice a big, metal box nearby. That box might well be your air handler. The air handler houses several components that are necessary for your air conditioning system to operate at full capacity.

These components work together to cool air down, bringing it to the temperature input on your thermostat. Then, they send the conditioned air throughout your home, keeping your indoor atmosphere chilled and refreshing when temperatures. Air handler services keep your whole air conditioning system working effectively and efficiently.

What’s Wrong with Your Air Handler?

We encounter a plethora of different issues that crop up with residential air handlers. You can learn about a few below.

  • Filthy or old air filters force your entire HVAC system to work far harder than necessary. This especially applies to air handlers, which plays an important role in air circulation.
  • Your air handler houses a blower motor, which can fail. Without the blower motor, your AC unit cannot disperse air throughout your duct network.
  • Evaporator coils often get clogged with dust and grime from various outdoor sources. We can clean them to get your air handler working again.

Using industry-leading technology, we can quickly diagnose the problem preventing your air handler from operating. After pinpointing the issue, we’ll determine whether we can remedy the issue with air handler repair, air handler maintenance, or air handler installation. If your air handler has extensive damage, it may need a complete replacement service.

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How Air Handler Services Help in Anchorage, AK

Thorough air handler service ensures your air handler delivers fresh, clean air into your home. Without it, your indoor air will become stagnant and dirty! Let us help you keep your air handler in working condition with our air handler replacement, repair, and maintenance services.

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