Pro Tips: When To Schedule Repiping Services

Symptoms That Indicate Repiping Is Needed

When homeowners consider what systems to upgrade or replace in their house, repiping is rarely on the list. However, it can be necessary. 

Aging pipes can cause major issues for a household. They can leak, causing water damage and expensive repairs. These issues can be avoided by scheduling repiping services with a professional at the first signs of an issue, including frequent leaks, reduced water pressure, or discolored water.

Frequent Leaks and Pipe Repairs

Frequent leaks can be a major indication that a home needs to be repiped.

While occasional leaks can happen, if they keep redeveloping – or if there are multiple leaks – it can signal a larger problem, and repiping a house may be necessary.

Some of these problems can include:

  • Old pipes: If pipes are aging and starting to show signs of wear and tear and corrosion, they can develop cracks and leaks. This can indicate the home needs repiping services.
  • Ongoing leaks: If a pipe has been repaired and springs another leak soon after, it can suggest the pipe is deteriorating and needs to be replaced. Paying for frequent repairs can be expensive, and it can be more cost-effective to schedule repiping services.
  • Multiple leaks: If there are several leaks throughout the piping line, it can indicate the pipes are faulty and need to be replaced. 

Poor Water Pressure

showerIf water pressure is lower than usual in a house, it can indicate a problem with a plumbing fixture or the piping system

Some issues can indicate home repiping services are needed. The age of the pipes can be a big indication. As pipes age and deteriorate, the water flow can be lower, resulting in reduced water pressure.

Serious or frequent leaks and clogs can also indicate repiping is needed. Leaking pipes can result in less water flowing through the pipes, causing lower water pressure. Clogs can restrict water flow, causing reduced water pressure. 

The material of a home’s pipes can also signal they need repiping services. Plumbers may recommend replacing galvanized steel or iron pipes with pipes of more durable material, like PEX or copper pipes. 

The Color or Smell of the Water Has Changed

smellDiscolored water can also indicate an issue with a home’s piping system, and replacements may be needed. 

An orange or yellow tint to a home’s water can signal pipe corrosion and rust, leading to discoloration. An odor in water can indicate bacteria or contaminants. Plumbers may recommend repiping services to correct these problems.

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