Benefits of Garage Heaters

Why Install a Garage Heater

When temperatures dip below freezing in Alaska, homeowners should take the right steps to keep their homes warm and safe all winter. While scheduling a furnace tune-up might be at the top of a property owner’s list to prepare for the cold, they should also consider adding a garage heater. 

Garage heating systems can benefit households, protecting the pipes, vehicles, family members, and other belongings from frigid temperatures. 

Help Prevent Frozen Pipes

One advantage of installing a garage heater is keeping the pipes from freezing. Frozen pipes can seriously affect households, as they expand when they freeze and eventually burst. If this happens, it can lead to major water damage and flooding, which can require costly repairs and cause mold and mildew to form.

A garage heater can prevent pipes from freezing. The heater can keep the garage warm all winter, allowing warm air to circulate the pipes and prevent them from freezing.

Keep Vehicles in Good Condition

garage Winter weather and extreme temperatures are hard on vehicles – even if they are in the garage. While a garage will protect cars from harsh winter winds, snow, and ice, it cannot protect them from freezing temperatures. 

This cold air can cause a vehicle’s battery to die prematurely and add wear and tear to vehicles and their tires. Instead, a heated garage can benefit vehicles in many ways.

Electric garage heaters can reduce vehicle engine strain during cold starts. By keeping the vehicle warmer, the car can more easily start, and owners won’t need to keep it running in the garage to warm it up.

Heating a garage can also extend the lifespan of a car battery. The warmer climate can keep the battery at an ideal temperature, preventing it from losing power due to cold temps. The warmer climate in the garage can also keep the fluids in the vehicle flowing properly, reducing the wear on the car’s engine. 

Installing a gas garage heater can also benefit a vehicle’s tires. Cold temperatures can cause tires to underinflate, which can impact fuel efficiency and cause other issues. A heater keeps the garage at a more consistent temperature, allowing the tires to maintain pressure. 

Allow People to Use Their Garages More and Stay Warm

garage If households do not install a heater, garages can be cold, uncomfortable, and even unsafe in winter. This can make the garage a wasted space if households cannot use it for other activities and hobbies. 

Installing a garage heater allows family members to use the garage for its intended purpose- working on their car, performing woodshop work, or engaging in other hobbies. The garage can also function as additional space, serving as a workout area, TV room, or other purposes. 

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