All About Heat Pumps

Signs You Need Heater Repairs

Heat pumps offer households many benefits- including an energy-efficient heating and cooling solution. However, many homeowners have questions about how these work, what advantages they provide to their household, and how to spot the signs that a heat pump needs to be repaired. 

Heating contractors in Franklinton, NC answer these common questions about heat pump systems!

What Is a Heat Pump?

heat pump system A heat pump is a system that can both heat and cool a house or building. Instead of using forced air like a typical heating or cooling system, this unit transfers heat from one location to another.

When heating a house, a heat pump takes heat from a colder area (like the outdoor air or ground) and transfers it into a warmer space indoors. Through a refrigeration cycle, the heat pump’s compressor circulates refrigerant through the coils, and as the refrigerant evaporates, it absorbs and releases heat. 

To cool a house, a heat pump reverses the heating process. It takes heat from the indoor air and sends it outside, making the house cooler. 

What Are the Benefits of Installing a Heat Pump?

There are many advantages to scheduling a heat pump installation. One of the biggest benefits of a heat pump is it’s more energy efficient than forced-air systems. This is because they don’t generate heat or cooled air – they transfer it from one location to another. Doing this will result in less energy used and lower utility bills. 

Because they do not use as much energy as other HVAC systems, heat pumps are also a more environmentally friendly unit than other systems. Other heat pump benefits include the ability for homeowners to purchase and maintain one unit instead of separate heating and cooling systems. 

These units also provide other advantages, including:

  • Increase comfort through consistent heating and cooling
  • Longer lifespan than other heating and cooling systems, exceeding 15-20 years if the unit is properly maintained
  • Safer units, as they do not use open flames and don’t have the threat of carbon monoxide leaks

What Are Signs Heat Pump Repair Is Needed?

energy billTo keep heat pumps working correctly, homeowners must recognize the symptoms indicating the system needs repairs. Some common signs are:

  • If the system is not properly heating the house to a comfortable temperature
  • If there is uneven heating or cooling throughout a house, leaving some rooms warmer than others
  • If the unit makes strange noises, like banging, clanging, rattling, or squealing
  • If it’s turning on and off without properly heating the house
  • If the homeowner notices their energy bills are rising
  • If strange smells are coming from the system
  • If there is excessive humidity or dryness in the house
  • If there are visible leaks or condensation
  • If the unit is aging and needs maintenance

If households notice any of these issues, they should call for professional repairs as soon as possible. A heating contractor can quickly inspect the system and make the needed repairs.

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