Benefits of Garage Heaters

Why Install a Garage Heater

When temperatures dip below freezing in Alaska, homeowners should take the right steps to keep their homes warm and safe all winter. While scheduling a furnace tune-up might be at the top of a property owner’s list to prepare for the cold, they should also consider adding a garage heater. 

Garage heating systems can benefit households, protecting the pipes, vehicles, family members, and other belongings from frigid temperatures. 

Help Prevent Frozen Pipes

One advantage of installing a garage heater is keeping the pipes from freezing. Frozen pipes can seriously affect households, as they expand when they freeze and eventually burst. If this happens, it can lead to major water damage and flooding, which can require costly repairs and cause mold and mildew to form.

A garage heater can prevent pipes from freezing. The heater can keep the garage warm all winter, allowing warm air to circulate the pipes and prevent them from freezing.

Keep Vehicles in Good Condition

garage Winter weather and extreme temperatures are hard on vehicles – even if they are in the garage. While a garage will protect cars from harsh winter winds, snow, and ice, it cannot protect them from freezing temperatures. 

This cold air can cause a vehicle’s battery to die prematurely and add wear and tear to vehicles and their tires. Instead, a heated garage can benefit vehicles in many ways.

Electric garage heaters can reduce vehicle engine strain during cold starts. By keeping the vehicle warmer, the car can more easily start, and owners won’t need to keep it running in the garage to warm it up.

Heating a garage can also extend the lifespan of a car battery. The warmer climate can keep the battery at an ideal temperature, preventing it from losing power due to cold temps. The warmer climate in the garage can also keep the fluids in the vehicle flowing properly, reducing the wear on the car’s engine. 

Installing a gas garage heater can also benefit a vehicle’s tires. Cold temperatures can cause tires to underinflate, which can impact fuel efficiency and cause other issues. A heater keeps the garage at a more consistent temperature, allowing the tires to maintain pressure. 

Allow People to Use Their Garages More and Stay Warm

garage If households do not install a heater, garages can be cold, uncomfortable, and even unsafe in winter. This can make the garage a wasted space if households cannot use it for other activities and hobbies. 

Installing a garage heater allows family members to use the garage for its intended purpose- working on their car, performing woodshop work, or engaging in other hobbies. The garage can also function as additional space, serving as a workout area, TV room, or other purposes. 

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All About Heat Pumps

Signs You Need Heater Repairs

Heat pumps offer households many benefits- including an energy-efficient heating and cooling solution. However, many homeowners have questions about how these work, what advantages they provide to their household, and how to spot the signs that a heat pump needs to be repaired. 

Heating contractors in Franklinton, NC answer these common questions about heat pump systems!

What Is a Heat Pump?

heat pump system A heat pump is a system that can both heat and cool a house or building. Instead of using forced air like a typical heating or cooling system, this unit transfers heat from one location to another.

When heating a house, a heat pump takes heat from a colder area (like the outdoor air or ground) and transfers it into a warmer space indoors. Through a refrigeration cycle, the heat pump’s compressor circulates refrigerant through the coils, and as the refrigerant evaporates, it absorbs and releases heat. 

To cool a house, a heat pump reverses the heating process. It takes heat from the indoor air and sends it outside, making the house cooler. 

What Are the Benefits of Installing a Heat Pump?

There are many advantages to scheduling a heat pump installation. One of the biggest benefits of a heat pump is it’s more energy efficient than forced-air systems. This is because they don’t generate heat or cooled air – they transfer it from one location to another. Doing this will result in less energy used and lower utility bills. 

Because they do not use as much energy as other HVAC systems, heat pumps are also a more environmentally friendly unit than other systems. Other heat pump benefits include the ability for homeowners to purchase and maintain one unit instead of separate heating and cooling systems. 

These units also provide other advantages, including:

  • Increase comfort through consistent heating and cooling
  • Longer lifespan than other heating and cooling systems, exceeding 15-20 years if the unit is properly maintained
  • Safer units, as they do not use open flames and don’t have the threat of carbon monoxide leaks

What Are Signs Heat Pump Repair Is Needed?

energy billTo keep heat pumps working correctly, homeowners must recognize the symptoms indicating the system needs repairs. Some common signs are:

  • If the system is not properly heating the house to a comfortable temperature
  • If there is uneven heating or cooling throughout a house, leaving some rooms warmer than others
  • If the unit makes strange noises, like banging, clanging, rattling, or squealing
  • If it’s turning on and off without properly heating the house
  • If the homeowner notices their energy bills are rising
  • If strange smells are coming from the system
  • If there is excessive humidity or dryness in the house
  • If there are visible leaks or condensation
  • If the unit is aging and needs maintenance

If households notice any of these issues, they should call for professional repairs as soon as possible. A heating contractor can quickly inspect the system and make the needed repairs.

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Since 2004, Discount Mechanical Heating & Plumbing has provided quality heating and cooling services to their neighbors in Anchorage. A family-owned and operated company, they offer 24-hour emergency services and flat-rate pricing. Call them today for HVAC services in Anchorage, AK.

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Common Causes of Burst Pipes and How To Prevent Them

Tips to Help Homeowners Avoid Burst Pipes

A burst pipe is a significant plumbing emergency for homeowners. It can be one of the largest – and costliest – problems they can encounter. A burst pipe can start as a small trickle, quickly resulting in hundreds of gallons of water flooding a home. 

Fortunately, property owners can try to avoid these major problems by following expert tips on preventing burst pipes – from eliminating clogs to avoiding frozen pipes and watching for signs of decay and corrosion.


clogsOne way homeowners can prevent burst pipes is to eliminate clogs from their drains and lines. Blockages can put excessive pressure on the pipe, leading to the weakening of the pipe and causing it to burst. 

Fortunately, clogged pipes can be prevented by following these tips:

  • Use drain guards or screens on sinks, bathtubs, and showers to catch hair, soap scum, food particles, and other debris.
  • Use a drain cleaner to remove buildups.
  • Perform hydrojet drain cleaning services on large blockages.
  • Never pour grease or cooking oils down the sink.
  • Only flush toilet paper and waste down the toilet.
  • Regularly run hot water down the kitchen sink to prevent buildups.
  • Avoid putting risky foods down the garbage disposal, including starchy foods, bones, and non-food items.
  • Use a plunger to eliminate minor clogs before they become larger.
  • Install a water softener if you have hard water. This will help eliminate buildups in pipes. 


Another common cause of burst pipes is frozen pipes. If a pipe freezes, it expands and creates pressure inside the pipe. This can result in the pipe bursting. 

To avoid burst pipes, experts recommend that homeowners take the following steps:

  • Protect exposed pipes with pipe insulation, heat tape, or other insulated materials
  • Seal any gaps and cracks in walls, floors, and ceilings that could allow cold air to seep in, resulting in freezing pipes
  • Disconnect and drain outdoor hoses and shut off the outdoor water supply for winter
  • Keep the house at a consistent indoor temperature
  • Keep the cabinet doors open under sinks in the kitchen and bathroom on extremely cold nights to let warm air circulate around the pipes
  • Let faucets trickle during very cold nights to keep the water flowing through the pipes

Decay and Corrosion

corrosionDecaying or corroding pipes can also lead to burst pipes by weakening the pipe structure. Homeowners can avoid these risks by taking the following precautions:

  • Scheduling regular maintenance and inspections of pipes, especially if they are older. These frequent inspections allow plumbers to identify pipe problems and replace corroding lines. 
  • Replacing older pipes before they start to deteriorate.
  • Improving the water quality by installing a water treatment system.
  • Insulating pipes to prevent moisture buildups and reduce the risk of decay and corrosion.
  • Scheduling repairs quickly at the first signs of a problem.

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Since 2004, Discount Mechanical Heating & Plumbing has provided quality heating and cooling services to their neighbors in Anchorage. A family-owned and operated company, they offer 24-hour emergency services and flat-rate pricing. Call them today for burst pipe service in Anchorage, AK.

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Cooling Systems: Central AC vs Ductless Units

Is a Central or Ductless System Right for Your Home?

In the heat of summer, Anchorage homeowners should find a cooling solution to keep their houses comfortable. Two popular choices include central AC systems and ductless systems. 

HVAC technicians examine the benefits of these air conditioning solutions and how they cool homes. Knowing these advantages can help homeowners determine the best option for their house. 

Central AC

acOne of the most common and effective cooling options is a central AC system. This system effectively removes heat and humidity from a house through a compressor, condenser, evaporator coil, air handler, ductwork, and thermostat

Central AC units offer homeowners a lot of benefits, including: 

  • Consistent and even cooling throughout an entire home or building.
  • Improved indoor air quality due to filters that remove dust, allergens, and pollutants from the air.
  • Higher energy-efficiency ratings compared to individual units, including window ACs or portable ACs.
  • Quieter operation compared to window or portable units. Noisier components are also located outside the house, making it quieter inside the home. 

Ductless Mini Split Systems

acAnother common cooling solution is a ductless mini-split AC system. This system, also called a ductless air conditioning system, doesn’t require ductwork to cool a house. This makes it a favorable solution for homes without existing ductwork. 

When deciding if a ductless mini split air conditioner is right for their house, homeowners should consider these benefits:

  • Ductless systems can be installed in homes or buildings that do not have existing ductwork. They can also be mounted on walls or ceilings. This makes adding them simpler than air conditioning installations.
  • Each unit can be independently controlled, allowing for different room temperature settings. 
  • These systems can be more energy-efficient than others as they don’t experience energy loss through ductwork.
  • Easier to install than central AC systems as ductwork is not required.

Other AC Systems

Central AC systems and ductless mini split systems are common AC systems, but there are many others, including window AC units, portable air conditioners, and split air conditioners. 

  • Window units are mounted in a window or an opening in a wall. These units are meant to cool small spaces or rooms – they are not meant to cool an entire house. 
  • Portable AC units are mobile, self-contained systems that can be moved from one room to another. These are flexible options to cool specific house parts, but they cannot cool an entire home.
  • Split air conditioners are similar to ductless mini splits, but these ducted air conditioning units use ductwork to distribute air throughout the home.

If a homeowner is considering these cooling systems, they should talk to an AC contractor about their options to determine if it’s the right solution for their home.

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Since 2004, Discount Mechanical Heating & Plumbing has provided quality heating and cooling services to their neighbors in Anchorage. A family-owned and operated company, they offer 24-hour emergency services and flat-rate pricing. Call them today for HVAC services in Anchorage, AK.

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Pro Tips: When To Schedule Repiping Services

Symptoms That Indicate Repiping Is Needed

When homeowners consider what systems to upgrade or replace in their house, repiping is rarely on the list. However, it can be necessary. 

Aging pipes can cause major issues for a household. They can leak, causing water damage and expensive repairs. These issues can be avoided by scheduling repiping services with a professional at the first signs of an issue, including frequent leaks, reduced water pressure, or discolored water.

Frequent Leaks and Pipe Repairs

Frequent leaks can be a major indication that a home needs to be repiped.

While occasional leaks can happen, if they keep redeveloping – or if there are multiple leaks – it can signal a larger problem, and repiping a house may be necessary.

Some of these problems can include:

  • Old pipes: If pipes are aging and starting to show signs of wear and tear and corrosion, they can develop cracks and leaks. This can indicate the home needs repiping services.
  • Ongoing leaks: If a pipe has been repaired and springs another leak soon after, it can suggest the pipe is deteriorating and needs to be replaced. Paying for frequent repairs can be expensive, and it can be more cost-effective to schedule repiping services.
  • Multiple leaks: If there are several leaks throughout the piping line, it can indicate the pipes are faulty and need to be replaced. 

Poor Water Pressure

showerIf water pressure is lower than usual in a house, it can indicate a problem with a plumbing fixture or the piping system

Some issues can indicate home repiping services are needed. The age of the pipes can be a big indication. As pipes age and deteriorate, the water flow can be lower, resulting in reduced water pressure.

Serious or frequent leaks and clogs can also indicate repiping is needed. Leaking pipes can result in less water flowing through the pipes, causing lower water pressure. Clogs can restrict water flow, causing reduced water pressure. 

The material of a home’s pipes can also signal they need repiping services. Plumbers may recommend replacing galvanized steel or iron pipes with pipes of more durable material, like PEX or copper pipes. 

The Color or Smell of the Water Has Changed

smellDiscolored water can also indicate an issue with a home’s piping system, and replacements may be needed. 

An orange or yellow tint to a home’s water can signal pipe corrosion and rust, leading to discoloration. An odor in water can indicate bacteria or contaminants. Plumbers may recommend repiping services to correct these problems.

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Easy Ways to Avoid Plumbing Disasters This Summer

Prevent Plumbing Problems This Summer

When summer weather arrives, the last thing homeowners want to think about is spending time dealing with water damage repairs after a plumbing issue. These fixes can be costly and messy. Fortunately, plumbers are here to offer help to fix and help prevent plumbing problems before they get out of hand. Here are some tips on how people can easily avoid plumbing problems, including catching leaks early and avoiding clogged drains.

Look Out for Leaks

water meter

Leaks in a home’s plumbing system can cause significant water damage throughout the property. To avoid expensive messes, plumbers recommend property owners watch for signs that can indicate plumbing leaks. This will allow residents to detect a leak quickly and call a plumber to limit the amount of damage.

Plumbers recommend homeowners watch for signs of water damage, including wet spots on the walls and flooring, stains, and musty odors. They should also watch for standing water in yards or throughout the home. Another sign of a leak is the sound of water running when all the water fixtures are turned off.

Another sign homeowners should watch for is a rising water bill. If it’s higher than usual, it can indicate there is a leak. Additionally, people can determine whether they have a leak by watching the water meter. If it continues running when all fixtures are off and no water has been used, it can signal a leak.

No Grease or Food Down a Drain

cooking grease and oilIn the summer months, homeowners might be lax about their drains. They might be tempted to pour cooking grease from BBQs down the sink or throw items like food scraps down the drain. These can lead to issues like tough clogs in the plumbing system.

Pouring grease and food down the drain can cause the following problems:

  • Blockages in drains
  • Clogged sewer lines
  • Damage to the plumbing system by coating the pipes and restricting water flow.
  • Pests
  • Environmental issues if grease enters the sewer system or reaches a body of water.

These problems can be avoided by putting the grease in a container until it solidifies and then throwing it away along with any food scraps.

Maintenance and Drain Cleaning

An essential part of preventing plumbing problems around the home is by scheduling drain cleaning and plumbing maintenance with a professional plumber. Drain cleaning services can get rid of any buildups in the drains and pipes, eliminating clogs and preventing new ones. It will also improve the water flow down the drains to keep them functioning correctly.

Plumbing maintenance is vital because it allows plumbers to inspect the system, perform tasks that help prevent problems, and find any issues that need fixing before they cause problems for the home, preventing plumbing emergencies from occurring. Homeowners should only schedule these services with a trusted professional.

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