Meadow Lakes Heating Services

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In Meadow Lakes, AK, summers can be as cool as a spring day in the lower continental United States. When fall or winter hits, citizens require quality and functional heating to stay safe and warm.

Discount Mechanical Heating & Plumbing ensures everyone in Southcentral Alaska can have proper heating. Call us when you need a furnace service company at your doorstep.

We treat your home and family like our own! Our customer reviews rave about our professionalism, efficiency, and kindness while working.

Heat Pump Repairs and Replacements in the Greater Anchorage Metro Area

We ensure you have access to a professional heating contractor for your furnace tune-up or heater repair. Our team works with many types of mini-split and central heating solutions, including heat pumps.

Heat pumps exchange heat energy from the outdoor air or ground, either releasing the heat indoors or outdoors depending on the setting. Many components, like refrigerants, require a license to handle. You can rely on our team to repair or replace your heat pump instead.

Furnace Repairs and Replacements in Meadow Lakes, AK

Because you rely so much on your furnace, we ensure you have access to Meadow Lakes heating services anytime. For example, if you know your system is over 10 years old, it may be time for a new furnace installation.

We also offer yearly maintenance to ensure your furnace functions year-round and doesn’t break down at inopportune times. You may want to watch for discolored pilot lights, uneven heating, and odd smells from your system. If you notice any of those issues, a technician from our veteran-owned company can help.

Do you want a new heating installation but aren’t sure how to afford it? Check out our discounts and see which apply to you!

When Should I Call for an Emergency Furnace Repair or Replacement?

Heating emergencies can be exceptionally hazardous, whether because of the dangers the unit presents or due to frigid outdoor temperatures. You should call a technician immediately if you notice signs of a dangerous system fault, such as:

  • False heater starts
  • Your heater doesn’t turn on
  • A rotten egg or sulfur smell
  • Strange noises from inside the unit
  • The smell of burning plastic or metal

If your unit uses natural gas, you should evacuate the building and call a technician. Trying to fix the problem yourself could lead to potentially fatal explosions without proper handling.

You don’t need to deal with heater problems on your own. Rely on excellent and friendly Meadow Lakes heating services from the Discount Mechanical Heating & Plumbing team. Call 907-336-3100 to see if we have the right services for your property in and around Meadow Lakes, AK, today!