Whole Home Air Cleaning & Filtration Services Anchorage, AK

Need air filtration system installation and maintenance? Call Discount Mechanical Heating & Plumbing for service in Anchorage and surrounding cities in the Mat-Su Valley, like Spenard and Eagle River.

Air cleaners, purifiers, and whole-home air filtration systems keep the air in your home clean by removing contaminants. Without these systems, your HVAC system can spread mold spores and dander, causing respiratory issues.

Hiring an air quality company to replace and maintain your media air cleaner is always the smart move, which our technicians at Discount Mechanical Heating & Plumbing have seen hundreds of customers find out too late. We use state-of-the-art tools to disinfect, install, and repair every type of whole-house air cleaner in Anchorage, AK, and you can always count on us for straightforward, flate-rate pricing.

We also maintain centralized HVAC systems for residential and commercial properties. Contact us today to learn more!

Signs You Need to Repair Your Air Cleaners in Anchorage, Alaska

Air cleaners use sanitation methods, like germicidal irradiation and UV light systems, to destroy contaminants smaller than one micron.

Most electronic air cleaners have an average lifespan of four to five years in Anchorage and maintain a high standard of indoor air quality in many homes and businesses.

Here are a few signs it’s time to call us to inspect your air cleaners, purifiers, and whole-home air filtration units:

  • Slow startups or engine idling
  • Unexplained surges in your utility bills
  • HVAC systems take longer to reach the desired temperature

Our Air Purifier Services in the Anchorage Metro Area

A whole-house air purifier is the best filtration solution for people with light allergies. They eliminate pet dander, dust mites, and pollen from the air you breathe.

An air purifier removes pollutants, smoke, and other particles from the air. Unlike other sanitizers, the purifiers we install are ozone-free and do not produce harmful substances.

An air purifier cannot remove viruses from the air, so we may recommend a purifier combined with a whole-home air filtration system if you’re looking for the cleanest, most pure air.

We can also service air handlers during an air cleaner installation to optimize HVAC performance.

Types of Whole-Home Air Filtration Systems We Install in the Mat-Su Valley

Air filtration systems use several types of filters, like HEPA filters, ionic filters, carbon filters, and UV filters, to remove the most contaminants from your indoor air:

  • Allergens like dust mites, mildew, and mold.
  • Microscopic disease-causing agents, like microbes and airborne viruses.
  • Toxic pollutants like vaporized hydrogen chloride, asbestos, benzene, and dioxin.

Contact Discount Mechanical Heating & Plumbing for expert repair and replacement of your air cleaners, purifiers, and whole-home filtration systems in Anchorage, AK. Call 907-336-3100 to schedule service in Anchorage or surrounding towns like North Lakes, Tanaina, and Gateway.